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  Driving Gloves & Driving Shoes - What You Need To Know Before Buying

Driving Gloves
- These safety items serve multiple purposes and just like race suits can be either fire retardant or non-fire retardant.  Driving gloves differ from everyday work gloves as they are longer to cover the entire wrist and the lower half of the forearm.  The driving gloves go over the sleeves of the racing suit to ensure the entire arm of the driver is covered and protected while in the driving position.

Gloves can vary and be made from different materials and offer different types of features and protection. Some driving gloves have padding on the palm side of the glove to provide protection from vibration.  Other driving gloves have a harder padding on the backside of the hand and fingers to provide impact protection.  Driving gloves should be snug on the hands and fingers, while still providing enough room to freely move your fingers.  As with racing suits, most glove manufacturers have sizing charts.  Be sure to use their sizing chart and pay extra attention when taking measurements. Improperly fitting driving gloves can have big impact on the driver and the results you are looking to achieve. 

Driving Shoes - These are very similar to driving gloves and racing suits.  They provide protection to the driver and can be either fire retardant or non-fire retardant and if not properly fit, can have a big impact on the driver and the end results.  All driving shoes should have high tops to provide padding protection to the ankle bone.  These shoes should properly fit the feet of the driver. Driving shoes usually have thinner soles to allow the driver to have a better feel on the pedals.  Shoe laces should be short and tucked under the velcro strap on most shoes.  This practice is tucking in the laces is to ensure they don't get caught or snagged on the pedals or some other part of the vehicle

Remember, using the proper racing suit, gloves and shoes will provide the best protection and a comfortable racing experience.  There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying race gear so do it's best to do your homework, ask questions, reach out to manufacturers and most importantly, check with your racing organization and don't forget our expert staff here at Racecar Engineering™!  Most always, you will find that the best source of information and help will come from your parts and driving gear experts.  

Properly fit & choose Driving Gloves and Shoes, using the Factory Sizing Chart links provided below.

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Driving Gloves & Shoes - Basic Info and Sizing Charts

​​Driving Gloves & Shoes - Factory Sizing Charts

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This Tech Page Is Intended To Help Customers Make An Informed Buying Decision

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​ ​Determining The Proper Safety Equipment You Need To Use

Safety Equipment has never been such an important topic as it is today and the importance/emphasis grows each racing season.  Therefore, is important to understand what safety products are available, and how they effect the driver's safety.  Each manufacturer has their own recommended sizing and usage charts, as fitment varies from manufacturer-to-manfacturer. Here we have attempted to compile the most recent comprehensive overview of these companies and their products to help you and your driver make an informed and educated desicion as to the exact safety equipment you need to be safe while at the track.

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